14 Jul

Spectacular decaf coffee has come a long way! No longer is it considered a lesser counterpart to caffeinated coffee. Coffee purveyors and growers have worked hard to perfect the gourmet coffee offerings that are on the market these days. Personally, I love decaf coffee because it packs all the flavor and indulgence of delicious coffee, without the added caffeine.

The great thing approximately decaf coffee is virtually everyone can drink it. Some people are advised not to drink regular coffees due to the adverse side effects of caffeine. For instance pregnant women and people with high blood pressure are often advised to never drink caffeine as it can be considered harmful to their health. It can also make people feel the unwanted jitters which is not even close to desirable. Because of these reasons, and a dinner party with an embarrassing situation, I always make sure to have some decaf coffee available for visitors and house guests that cannot tolerate drinking regularcoffee.

Decaf coffee is designed for purchase at your local fine foods shops, gourmet coffee houses, and online with just a click on the mouse! These come in all the roasts and flavors of their caffeinated counterparts as well. You can even purchase the best of the greatest such as Kona and Jamaican Blue Mountain in decaf as well. Everything from light roasts, such as a cinnamon and blond roast, to dark roasts such as Spanish or French roast, are available in without caffeine. This is the excellent beverage to serve in the afternoon or evening as well as sometimes coffee may be your craving, but lodging up all night is not!

Recently I held a dinner party and realized the importance of having decaf coffee on hand for supper and house guests. After the delicious dinner of baked chicken and scalloped potatoes, came dessert! My partner and i made creme brulee and decadent chocolate mousse. To serve with these amazingly sweet desserts, I had a few nice medium roast brewing in a pot. One of the guests at the party was not allowed to have caffeine. We was embarrassed because I did not have anything to offer this guest. I realized at that time it is so crucial for you to always keep some on hand! I also realized it probably would have been better to serve decaf to all the people as it was late at night and I did not want to keep them up!

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